ZEBEDEE And Fumb Gaming Partner For Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator

  • ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin-only gaming fintech company partners with mobile gaming studio Fumb Gaming to release “Bitcoin Miner,” a bitcoin mining simulator.
  • “Bitcoin Miner” is an idle mining simulation that pays real bitcoin for managing a virtual mining facility, available on Android and IOS.
  • The game seeks to dispel many common misconceptions held about bitcoin mining, such as energy usage and difficult barriers of entry by making an accessible and educational platform.

“Bitcoin Miner,” an idle bitcoin-mining simulator that pays in actual bitcoin, is officially available on the Google Play store and the App Store.

ZEBEDEE, a fintech company focused towards bitcoin-only online gaming and Fumb Gaming, a UK based mobile gaming studio, announced the partnership in a joint press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. ZEBEDEE was able to change the game for “Bitcoin Miner” by enabling an in-game bitcoin ecosystem that refreshes the bitcoin-gaming scene.

“We originally released Bitcoin Miner about four years ago, when crypto started taking off. But there was no real appetite for the game, as it wasn’t possible to enable players to earn actual bitcoin with it at the time,” says Paul West, founder of Fumb Games. “With ZEBEDEE, we were able to put real Bitcoin into the game, which makes the premise of Bitcoin Miner much more fun, impactful and noteworthy for players.”

As the world is forced to take heed when someone mentions bitcoin due to its rising price, nation-state adoption and use-cases of being a sovereign currency during times of conflict, most people are becoming aware of bitcoin as it relates to currency.

“Bitcoin is an amazing technology for human progress. We mostly use it for its utility benefits, like the ability to transfer a fraction of a cent, or millions, to anyone in the world instantly and at zero cost using the Lightning Network,” says Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE.

But what of the technological side of bitcoin and how it actually works? Does it really use energy equivalent to that of a small nation?

The misconceptions of bitcoin mining are cast about like candy to children when it comes to energy consumption. Many view mining as this mysterious action accomplished in the dark places of the world where countries are left without an energy grid due to all of those greedy miners. This game seeks to educate the masses on this accessible way to participate in the bitcoin ecosystem while dispelling many of its common fallacies.

Cowell continued to explain they “are also passionate for the technology of Bitcoin itself and hope that fun and easily approachable games like Bitcoin Miner will foster curiosity about Bitcoin and get more people of all ages and backgrounds learning about it and participating in the new digital economy powered by Bitcoin.”

Users can also find the game in ZEBEDEE’s gaming app, as well as Android and IOS app stores. 

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