Hexa Wallet’s Fundraising Crosses $1 Million, Funds To Be Used For Bitcoin Self-Custody Solutions

  • Hexa Wallet, a UK based FinTech startup recently announced they’ve raised a total of $1 million as pre-seed investments.
  • The money raised will go towards developers, designers and driving community involvement.
  • Hexa Wallet is collaborating with Bitcoin4India and Summer of Bitcoin to drive community initiatives for Bitcoin education in India and on campuses.

Hexa Wallet, a UK based FinTech startup recently announced that they’ve raised a total of $1 million as pre-seed investments, in which the funds will be used to onboard developers, designers, and drive community efforts for self-custodial bitcoin apps.

“Learning from our user feedback, we’re well on our way to release more apps to make self-custody the default method to stack sats,” said Anant Tapadia, Founder and CEO of Hexa Wallet.

The team at Hexa intends to use the funds as a means for finding developers, designers and driving community development for their Bitcoin-only software. Summer of Bitcoin – an organization focused on introducing university students to bitcoin and open-source development – and Bitcoin4India, a Indian Bitcoin-only volunteer group, will partner with Hexa Wallet to drive community innovation.

“Our vision is to make it easy for Bitcoiners to draw their friends and family away from the custodial crypto ‘solutions’ to bitcoin,” Tapadia continued. “Eventually leading to a massive domino effect. The fundraiser is a great validation and enabler of our vision.”

The heart of successful Bitcoin software implementations tends to hinge on self-custody solutions paired with the ability to answer the call-to-action felt by many Bitcoiners which demands sovereignty of one’s own wealth. Hexa Wallet means to combine community measures with sovereignty in an effective way that allows mass adoption.

“We are committed to bringing Bitcoin to the masses… and the masses to bitcoin,” stated Prasad Prabhakaran, Co-Founder and COO of Hexa Wallet.

Among the investing class are Brad Mills – who helped drive the creation of This Machine Greens and Fulgur Ventures, a group focused on Bitcoin startups. Bank To The Future, a global online investing platform with over $825 million invested into bitcoin and other cryptocurrency initiatives, and Plan B Ventures, headed by Han Hua who works at Google for payments and cryptocurrency solutions, were crowdfunding partners in this round of Hexa’s fundraising. 

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